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We recently decided to grow our business, and relocated to the Hocking Hills area. We have a beautiful 3 acres and a place for our huge roaster – affectionately called “Rosie” – so we can bring an excellent quality product to you, our customer.

We have been married almost 19 years and have an awesome family – 2 daughters, their husbands, and  4 amazing grandkids! What a life! The grandkids love to come over to the new place and run around outside, and our oldest grandson is already showing interest in the roasting process.  We see a future of having our family involved in this business, and a heritage that we can pass on to them.

Mike is an IT Manager at an international business in central Ohio. He is a guru in keeping all thing technical up and running, and is the mastermind behind the roaster. He has been home-roasting coffee for about 10 years, which all started in an old farmhouse kitchen, with a hot plate and a saucepan.  Talk about (very) humble beginnings! And smoky. Very smoky beginnings.

Over the years we went from a hot plate and saucepan, to popcorn poppers, and through many other techniques of roasting to find that perfect sweet spot for a good roast. Despite all the challenges he faced, and variables that come along with different techniques, Mike produced some kickin’ coffee!

We took the plunge earlier this year to move ahead with a lovely commercial roaster. “Rosie” is a rose gold Bideli Roaster, and she came a long way to join us here in The Hocking Hills. We love having her and we have learned a lot about roasting small, fresh, custom batches that are making our customers very happy!


I (Jodi) am a stay home wife and grandma, and loving every bit of it! After working for many years in an office environment, I am putting my administrative skills to work for Koffee Geeks.  Although not working at an ‘outside’ job, I manage to stay very busy with this side of things – there is never a dull moment at our place! I am excited to expand our involvement in our local community  - farm markets, local restaurants, shops and businesses – what an awesome adventure we are on!

We are also involved with a local church and this is the most important thing to us. Our values, our service and our customer care are a reflection of what we believe and how people are to be honored and respected.  This is the basis for our integrity and how we do business. You matter to us!

We hope you will return often to  We are excited to offer you the Best. Coffee. Ever.  

Feel free to contact us and share your thoughts, ideas, comments, etc. We would love to hear from you! 




Our main supplier, Volcafe, undertook a two-year initiative to research and develop a global approach to sustainably sourcing high-quality coffees. They drew on the expertise of their field teams, pooling their collective knowledge and experience, to document best-practice strategies at origins. They then developed a farmer support organization to provide direct technical assistance to producers, helping them to improve — and to continually improve — their coffee quality, farm productivity and yields. They named this new sustainable sourcing strategy the Volcafe Way.

Volcafe Way is now active in Africa, Asia and Latin America. More than a sustainability strategy, it’s the way they do business. Taking a “root cause, root solution” approach, working directly with coffee farmers to assist and train them in sustainable production techniques and good agronomy practices, as well as in making the best uses of their land for future generations.

It is important to us that we source our coffee from these farmers and support this way of doing business, which in turn, benefits our customers – and yours.

The Volcafe Way farmer support teams help producers to manage risks, improve outcomes, gather data and focus on measurable results that our green-buyer customers can monitor and verify. One of the flagship training methods is creating “business-model farms,” which provide local learning hubs where surrounding communities can exchange best practices so that they all learn and benefit — whether they work directly with Volcafe Way or not.

So, when folks ask us whether our coffees are part of certification programs that ensure a fair price at the end, our answer is that they’re so much more. Volcafe Way not only pays fair prices for green coffee, but in more than 20,000 instances they work with the producers year-round, ensuring that theirs farms are profitable and have sustainable business plans in place — setting up their success for years to come — and that, of course, each harvest is of the highest quality, so the producers can demand the best prices.


Single Origin Coffees



We here at Koffee Geeks are proud to offer Single Origin Coffee Beans.  With their popularity increasing, The Volcafe Way has had a great influence in the farming methods used to produce Single Origin beans.

Certain farmers (called Specialty Farmers) are continuously developing and improving their high-quality crops in response to the higher demand.  They will at times experiment with their selection of plants, the control they have over the growth stage, harvesting times and processing techniques.

This has all helped to develop excellence and quality methods so we in turn, can bring you the very best in Single Origin Coffee beans.

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